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ItalyTravelandMore.com is owned and produced by Celia Abernethy, travel designer, writer, blogger and photographer living in Italy. Read my full profile here.

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Consider Italy Travel & More, me, like a friend in Italy that can help guide you in finding, planning and booking tours and experiences in Italy. Use the FAQ section as a useful resource planning a trip to Italy.

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Italy Travel & More can point you in the right direction. My day job as a features editor and travel writer gives me access to new and exciting places and experiences. I am not a travel agent or tour operator, but with my powerful digital Rolodex, I can assist you in finding local guides, private tour operators or private transport. I often attend travel fairs and I am always networking and meeting new contacts.

Travel agents and professional travel advisors can contact Italy Travel & More for assistance with location and itinerary scouting in Italy. Consider me your “local rep.” When you can’t come in person, I can act on your behalf and provide you with an assessment report of the places and spaces you send your clients.

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