Happiness Makers of Italy – Authenticity and Tradition Are Key

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Tradition with elegance and style

The women of the Masseria Chicco Rizzo, Apulia

The women from the Masseria Chicco Rizzo were wearing their traditional dresses and singing folk songs as I approached the booth (main photo). Barbara explained to me that it is an ancient farmhouse and ranch dating back to the 1700s in Sternatia in the heart of Apulia. The estate hosts traditional weddings and local events and festivals. Everything is made by hand, made locally and with traditional methods. A video on her iPad showed ladies making bread in a fire oven, a farmhouse table setting on a flowery terrace, comfortable suites and a swimming pool. It looked like the best of both worlds; tradition with elegance and style.

Celia Abernethy

Originally from New York, I am now living La Dolce Vita in northern Italy. As an editor and writer for Italy Travel & More, Milano Style, Lake Como Style, Easy Milano, Forbes Travel Guide, and Italo-Americano, it's my job to be in the know. Need help planning a trip to Italy? Find me on Viahero.com, the platform connecting travelers with locals.

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