Herculaneum ruins clumbing Mt Vesuvio and Winery teast

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Location: Campania, Naples – Italy
Leaves from: Naples, Italy
8 hours

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Herculaneum ruins clumbing Mt Vesuvio and Winery teast

The tour Herculaneum and Vesuvius stands out, because the close proximity between the two sites that is illogical to think that still today the people live in this area considering the history of the volcano.

Herculaneum 2000 years ago was a resort town, Climbing Mount Vesuvius has absolutely no perception that, it throughout his life, might have caused death and destruction massacres of whole peoples and entire villages. The typical of mountain road, made of twists and turns, you follow it in a surreal silence and you can enjoy the show of the suggestive nature.

The wine teating it s an opportunity to ear another peaces of story like the romans make wine and storage and a relax visiting the grapes filds.


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