Influence of Mythology on Art | LivTalks On Demand

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Location: Lazio, Ostia – Italy
Leaves from: Ostia, Italy
45 minutes

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Influence of Mythology on Art | LivTalks On Demand

This LivTalk is On-demand, meaning it is available and ready when you are!

This 45 minute live webinar will give you an overview of the great influence mythology has had over the world of art throughout the centuries into today. This is a virtual talk with Edégli from his home in Milan, an expert guide with LivTours whose passion about history and mythology will shine through in this episode dedicated to the Myth of Art.

Edegli dedicates the first 30 minutes of his talk to give you a detailed description of Mythology and Art, and the last 15 minutes of the webinar are dedicated to questions and answers.


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