Lake Garda Hiking – Multi day private excursion (2 to 6 days)

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Location: Trentino-South Tyrol, Riva del Garda – Italy
Leaves from: Riva del Garda, Italy
3 days

Euro: €216,22
GBP: £197.47
USD: $260.36


Lake Garda Hiking – Multi day private excursion (2 to 6 days)

A multi-day hiking tour on Lake Garda means traveling around the biggest Italian lake, its Mediterranean climate and its nature. This hike has a special meaning, not only for nature but also for culture, heritage, hospitality and food.

Thanks to the local knowledge of our guides, you will have the opportunity to live and enjoy the lake in a deeper way, far beyond the common tourist experience.

Backpacking around Lake Garda is an extraordinary experience for anyone who wants to slowly enjoy the beauty. It is not only about the walk but also about feeling nature more intensely.

Let yourself be amazed by everything around you: the light and the blue hue of the lake; many typical ancient villages with their artistic architectures; historic walk-paths made by the people throughout the centuries; wild mountains and fjords and, last but not least, some of the best Italian food you can find.

This is an extraordinary experience for those who love nature, culture, food and Italy!


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