Limoncello tour with tasting in ENGLISH (ENGLISH TOUR)

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Location: Campania, Piano di Sorrento – Italy
Leaves from: Piano di Sorrento, Italy
30 minutes

Euro: €17,00
GBP: £15.53
USD: $20.47


Limoncello tour with tasting in ENGLISH (ENGLISH TOUR)

The “Cassano 1875” was born in the Sorrento Peninsula and produces artisan liqueurs and jams.
Over the years it has distinguished itself for the quality of its products and for the prestige of its customers, selected and faithful.
The key product is the Sorrento limoncello obtained by infusion in ethyl alcohol of
“oval Sorrento” lemon peels with the only addition of water and granulated sugar.
The final alcohol content is 30 °.
In 1999, for its unique and extraordinary qualities, the recognition of PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) was conferred. This recognition is granted by the competent authority (IS.ME.CERT.) After careful and meticulous checks on the quality of the product used and on the production process.
The cultivation of lemon, its peeling, infusion and the preparation of the liqueur take place exclusively within the geographical area of the Sorrento Peninsula.


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