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Pompeii & Naples – From Sorrento

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Category: Cultural & Theme Tours, Cultural Tours, Cultural Tour

Location: Campania, Sorrento – Italy
Leaves from: Sorrento, Italy
8 hours

Euro: €575,00
GBP: £525.13
USD: $692.38


Pompeii & Naples – From Sorrento

The tour starts at Pompeii, the bustling port town that was hit by the devastating eruption of mount Vesuvio in 79 AD b and buried under a thick layer of ashes and lava. Today, thanks to its natural preservation under the volcanic material, Pompeii is a vast archeological site that offers unique glimpse into everyday life back in Roman times. Your guide will show what Pompeii looked like back at that time and will take you on a fascinating stroll through its ruins, including the oldest surviving stone amphitheater of the Roman world. Next stop is Naples for a deep dive into the artistic treasures. With centuries of fascinating history to explore, Naples is a treasure trove of unique sights, such as the “Christmas Alley”, the Sansevero Chapel and beautiful churches where sacred and profane are intertwined.


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