Snowshoe hike to Lake Pantaniello – Abruzzo

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Location: Abruzzo, Roccaraso – Italy
Leaves from: Roccaraso, Italy
6 hours

Euro: €50,00
GBP: £45.66
USD: $60.21


Snowshoe hike to Lake Pantaniello – Abruzzo

Come and enjoy a wonderful day in the Parks of Abruzzo, taking part in the excursion to the reserve of Lake Pantaniello, strolling relaxed among soft ups and downs and meandering valleys … down to the shores of Lake Pantaniello. Totally snowy in the winter season with the blue reflections of the sky that are reflected in its waters and with the Monte Greco and the Serra di Rocca Chiarano to act as a rocky frame to the lonely whitewashed desert, we will be lulled by the maternal arms of nature … in the muffled silence of the snowy mountain, broken only by the sound of snowshoes on the snow.


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